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RE: [IP] Doctor's

You are extremely lucky. My diabetologist that I had told me, "I don't do
pumps. So if you want to go to a pump, you will have to find another endo."
Luckily I was able to find one rather quickly (not easy considering I live
in a rural area.  I was originally going to go with the Paradigm, but after
reading all the horror stories, I finally decided on the Animas IR-1000,
which is supposed to be delivered on Friday.  In all my investigating, I
wasn't able to find very much negative feedback on that pump vs the
Paradigm.  And since they were willing to waive my co-pay as a hardship
case, it was a no brainer in my opinion.

Bruce in Southern Ohio,Type 2 Dx 1992, Going on the pump within the next

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 My doctor is an internalist and specializes in diabetes and is
knowledgeable on
the pump. Quess I am lucky....Jim

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