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[IP] Opportunity to tell off cops

There are still opportunities.  A few months ago I was
pulling out of a handicapped parking space.

A police cruiser pulled directly behind me blocking my exit.

The officer walks up to the car and says, "I assume you don't have a parking
tag!" in the most sarcastic tone he could muster.

I pull out my tag from the console and flash it at him while saying "Then
officer you would ASSUME wrong!  I put it away so you wouldn't ticket me for
having it dangling on the mirror while I was driving."

I got a mumbled apology.  But the opportunity to wise off was priceless!!!!


> Subject: Re: [IP] rudest encounter I've ever had
> When I was sixteen  I bought a box of 100 syringes at the pharmacy on a
> Friday evening. A policeman was in line behind me. He said, to me, "So
> where's the party tonight with all those needles, son?" I said, "Listen
> officer, It's no party when you have to take 3 shots a day for the rest of
> your life! " The pharmicist said, "He's a diabetic" The policeman
> profusely,  but it was a great feeling being 16 and telling off a cop!
> that can't happen anymore now that I'm on a pump.- Joe
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