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[IP] Re: Doctors

Jamie, I'm sorry to hear your endo is moving. I have had the same one for 
fifteen years and love her dearly so I understand your concern especially 
with no other endos to take her place. But take heart, there are a lot of 
doctors out there qualified to help you. My father was a family practitioner 
who learned a lot about diabetes when I was diagnosed with Type 1. His 
diabetic patients benefited enormously from the self education he pursued on 
my behalf. I would look for an internist who has a special interest in 
diabetes and demonstrates a willingness to be a participant in your care. The 
relationship you have with your doctor is nearly as important as his or her 
understanding of the disease. Most MD's are intelligent enough to research 
your questions but the best ones are those who are also willing to listen and 
learn from you. You may need to interview a few doctors face-to-face to find 
the one right for you but I'm sure you will end up with a fine doctor in the 
end. Good luck. 

Bay Area
IDDM 31 years, Pumping 2.5 years
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