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[IP] RE: Chickster

I'm so glad several of you have tried and liked the chickster!  I was so
excited when I bought it and realized that it fit my Paradigm perfectly!  For
those of you that are shopping the benefit cosmetics line -
www.benefitcosmetics.com - for the first time, you have to try the "Touch Me
Then Try to Leave Me" cream.  Has nothing to do with diabetes, just a really
wonderful moisturizer with a great name.

Oh, and Chris?  When you wear your chickster, it's best when worn with a
skirt.  So instead of putting a hand down your pants to bolus, you would just
go up your skirt....  So now you'll have a bra, a garter, and a skirt.  See
how much fun accessorizing is?  <VBG>  Men just don't fully appreciate what us
gals go through...

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