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Re: [IP] Drugs and prices

I was sent the following link by a friend and it is very interesting.
Althought it does apply to metro-Detroit, many of the pharmacies it
talks about are nationwide.  

I also found the end results to be true with a Rx I had to have filled
about a year ago.  My Dr told me to check out Costco, and you can have
an Rx filled there even if you're not a member. You just walk in and say
you are going for an Rx and the guard lets you in.  I found a $40
difference in a drug that my insurance didn't pay for and CVS (the
highest in my area) wanted $150 for.

> In particular, click on the links indicated at the bottom of the article.
> It shows which pharmacies are marking up prescriptions the most.  Although
> this only covers the metropolitan Detroit area, it gives you a pretty good
> idea of the general trend among different pharmacies.
> Click on:   
> http://www.detnow.com/investigations/020722.html 

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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