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[IP] Doctors

I just wanted to let everyone know I called my Endo. office today, and she is
going out East! Unfortunately, too far to go see her. I would, if I could.
I've put in several calls today to local offices of Internal Medicine doctors.
I don't want to be picky, but I want a female doctor. My husband said it
shouldn't matter, but it does to me. I called one Endo. office that's 50 miles
from here, and she is excepting new patients with a doctors referral. She is
involved in insulin pumps, they said. I told the lady I would like to talk to
the doctor first, before I made a decision in transferring my records to them.
I would like to ask questions, and see what she says. Is that usually possible
with docotrs? With my currant one, she came to me at the hospital about seven
years ago, when I almost died of DKA, and have been seeing her ever since.
What questions should I ask of a new Endo/Internist? Is there anything I
should ask my currant Endo. before she leaves the area? Thanks in advance. I
see my Endo. Thursday. What a sad day for me!!
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