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[IP] Re: Thyroid Meds/Supplements for Shawna

<sorry but I can't read your e mail as it's too small print >

I'm wondering why my font is too small.  Is it something I need to change on
my computer?  Is this better?
<Calcium also interferes with the absorption of Levoxyl.  I don't know how
far apart "first thing in the morning" is from your breakfast, but you may
want to change the time of day for your calcium.>

<Levoxyl is taken at around 6-6:30 AM.  Calcium is taken w/breakfast at
2-3 hours afterwards.  Is that enough time???>

In checking the insert that comes with my Levoxyl prescription, it says
under Drug Interactions. ".....take levothyroxine 4 hours apart from:
calcium supplements, iron supplements, aluminum, calcium or magnesium
antacids........"  It also lists a whole bunch of other things to avoid with
Levoxyl, so I would suggest re-reading it, as it is too lengthy to re-type

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