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[IP] OneTouch UltraSmart & Ultra - cases

Hi all, 

I just got my UltrSmart meter yesterday.  

I'm a "gadget freak", so if it's electronic and has lots of buttons, I
usually like it.

Overall, I like the meter, but I found entering the data for the extra
stuff (food info, meds, exercise, etc.) to be a little cumbersome, and
in reality, I probably will not use it for all the extra data.  

I do however like the graphing, and will probably use that (such as to
get a feel for how fast my BG is dropping, etc.).

Anyways, the reason I'm writing is about the differences in the carrying
case that came with the UltrSmart vs. the Ultra.

With the Ultra, I'm able to use everything without having to remove any
item from the elastic strap that secures it in the case.  So, for
example, I can pull it out of my pocket, open the case, flip the lid and
grab a strip, insert it, "cock & fire" the lancing device and apply the

With the UltraSmart, the elastic strip used to hold the lancing device
is a little bit wider than the old one, and placed a little differently
relative to the "buttons" on the lancing device.  So, with this, I'm not
able to get a sample without removing the lancing device from the
elastic strap.

Not really a big deal, but it does make it a little more difficult than
it already is to do a test during a walk (for example).

Has anyone else been a little bothered by this, or am I just more picky
than I should be?

Also, does anyone have recommendations for other lancing devices that
they like, and that they think might fit well into the case for the


Scott K. Johnson
email @ redacted

    "Diabetes is like being expected to play the piano with one
     hand while juggling items with another hand, all while
     balancing with deftness and dexterity on a tightrope"
                     Marlene Less, 1983

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