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Re: [IP] chickster under dresses?

When my now 20 -yr old daughter started with her insulin pump at age 13, she 
would conceal the pump alongside her inner thigh, underneath a Calvin Klein 
body -shaper, which was comparable to lycra/spandex bike shorts. They were 
short enough to wear underneath short tight dresses, but gave her the 
flexibility of sliding the pump out underneath the hem, while seated at a 
table for a meal...and they were snug enough that even while dancing, the 
pump stayed in place...only problem was the time she had it facing the wrong 
direction & ended up with the words MINIMED firmly pressed into her skin!
   Seven years later, CK no longer manufactures these, so it's time to 
replace the original ones ( beige and black pairs). I've seen the Spanx brand 
in the department stores, but Melissa hasn't yet tried it....I believe Hanes 
also makes something comparable, so check out the "body shaper" section of 
the lingerie dept...added benefit, unlike the chickster, is you also get a 
flattened tummy! LOL
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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