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Re: [IP] Software to download Minimed 508 pumps

Judi -

 <<Also being able to interface with BG meters seems important to me, but the
ability to interface with a variety of meters doesn't seem like something the
companies are anxious to do. >>

That is a very valid question.  Now, why is that?

 The Cozmo has "dazzled" the pump users because they produced a pump that
calculates - well, that takes into consideration that "we" count carb (not
insulin amounts) & that "we" also have insulin already on-board. (I put quotes
because it's my kid with diabetes, but he doesn't count anything above
"twenty-ten" and doesn't give a rat's*ss about "insulin-on-board" - he's 3.)

 The only other pump I considered for Joshua does exactly the same thing once
I've figured out the carb/insulin or insulin/correction calculations.

 I am very sure that the technology is out there to be able to combine the meter
& pump calculations (I think Meditronic is attempting that now.)

 Pumpers have to communicate their "wishes" in order to make pump producers push
the envelope. I think, from the response I've seen, that the Deltec has done
just that. The other companies will follow suit or languish.


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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