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[IP] Doctor's

I just received notice today, much to my dismay, my doctor is leaving the
area. She is an Endo/Internal medicine doctor. I've been seeing her now for
probably seven years, so its going to be hard to find another good one. I know
there will never be one I like as much as her, she is much more than just a
doc. We always talked about everything, her telling me about how her week was
going, etc. My question is: there is NO other Endo's in my immediate area, is
Internal Medicine doctor's familiar with diabetes? She sent a list of
providers, and I called at least three of them today, 1 which was Internal
Medicine, he's leaving in July. The other two just roughly knows about
diabetes. There is alot of Internal Medicine doctors around here, so I guess
I'll just start calling and asking questions. I have an appointment with my
Endo. thursday, so I'll definetly get her input. Maybe she's not going far,
far away, where I can travel to see her. I will be calling her office in the
morning to see what's going on there. Can't wait until Thursday to find out.
Well, anyway info. would be greatly appreciated on any experience with
Internal Medicine doctors.
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