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Re: [IP] Pork insulin in a pump

At 9:31 PM -0400 4/29/03, Julie Rachiele wrote:
>The manager of the group below named Sunni uses pork insulin in her
>pump.  I'm sure she would love to answer a message about it of you joined
>her board and posted one there about it, since she is probably feeling
>pretty lonely using this type of insulin.  She lives in Canada.

Many of the members of IP-UK also have animal insulins available, 
though I believe the majority of them prefer Humalog.  The person you 
mention above is also a member of this list, so maybe she'll share 
her thoughts on pork insulin here.  As for me, I like the "bakers 
yeast" formula much better than that "E. coli" product!

George        :>)
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