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Re: [IP] rudest encounter I've ever had (long)

> Well, yesterday I was in the grocery store with my kids, and they were
> away free samples of sugar free jello.  Well, the woman offered my kids a
> sample without asking me first (which annoyed me slightly, but it was no
> deal).  Then she started to chat with me about diets, etc.  It came out in
> the conversation that I happened to be diabetic.  She immediately cuts in
> said something along the lines of my son dated one of those.  She was a
> in the neck.  I think diabetics just want attention and make up the stuff

On the converse, I was at a SAMS Club and stopped by a taster.   I don't
know how the discussion went there.  But I found out she had diabetes.  She
had been diagnosed three weeks previously and had pronounced herself an
expert on diabetes.  She started carrying on about what I could eat and what
I couldn't eat.  I had a hard time getting rid of her.  She even followed me
to the cookie display to steer me away from cookies because,  "Diabetics
shouldn't have cookies!"

Surely there is a happy mediums amidst all these know-it-alls!

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