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[IP] Re: Iletin II pork insulin in a pump?

> Has anyone, or does anyone know of someone who has, tried to use pork
> insulin in a pump?   I didn't ask Lilly, but since they told me they
> don't keep records of insulin allergies in pump users because they
> don't make any insulin that is approved to be used in a pump, I
> wouldn't know how to evaluate their answer anyway.

Sure it can! I used Velosulin when it was pure pork and before it was
buffered in my pump for several years. They buffered it later, becoming
Velosulin BR, then they made it Human Velosulin BR. But, if you can still
find *animal* insulin that is just pork, I wouldn't/couldn't see why it
could not be used in pumps today. They have improved the quality of tubing,
etc. from the polyfin ones I used wayyyyy back when and it was preferred
over beef/pork.

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