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Re: [IP] Did you know?

> If someone comes up with an insulin solution that offers the same delivery
> variability of a pump with the same convenience factor, I'm all for it.

I can remember reading about the perspective of someone involved in a trial
of the inhaled insulin.  It sounded horribly inconvenient.  It takes a lot
more of it to be effective, for one thing, and sounded much more like being
tied to a schedule.

I understand that there are people with needle phobias who might be more
open to taking insulin in other ways, like through an  inhaler or by pill,
etc.  This may be a great improvement for them.

But as for me and what I want to use, these methods will have to be proven
to have the advantages that pump therapy has, without a big downside, like
perpetually having an object attached all the time, for me to even consider
it.  And that one downside has become such a way of life for me that I don't
even really mind it much anymore.

I want a cure, but lacking that, I think it is pretty remarkable that this
method of treatment is the only one I desire.  I just hope that those who
aren't interested in the pump find a treatment they are equally happy with.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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