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[IP] insurance co-pays

 This week has just been awful. I have spent the last month fighting with my
insurance companies new prescription server. Technically they are separate but I
lump them together. did you ever feel it is "us" versus "them" sometimes?My
copay for my son's pump supplies just went from $15 every 3 months to $240 every
3 months. This doesn't count the $15 for insulin monthly, $45 for strips every 3
months, $15 to see the nurse practitioner every quarter and so on. My out of
pocket went up over $800 just for the "hardware" pump supplies. My insurance
company rep. told me I should ask if they would cover a different pump than my
son's 508, since maybe a newer pump might have cheaper supplies. Cheaper
supplies!!! They actually told me that if minimed put all the supplies into one
container, like the tubing, the syringe, the iv prep and dressings, instead of
in 5 separate ones, I would have one co-pay for the whole thing instead of 5
co-pays, all at different rates. Oh, and it t!
  ook over 3 weeks for the supplies, without the IV 3000 tape, to actually
arrive. I can't just order from Minimed anymore. I guess the moral of my story
is, I should not have taken for granted how great things were. I used to just
call up minimed and say send me my usual order and in a few days it was actually
here. I wish it was like that again. I don't think that people with diabetes
which requires alot of supplies to take care of it, well, should be penalized
like this. It just isn't fair. I can see why so many people wind up as adults
with lots of diabetes complications. It is too expensive to do things the right
way. I know we will bite the bullet and just pay and take the money from some
other part of the budget. I just needed to sound off. Thanks for listening.
Mary, mother to Chris age 8, pumping for 2years and diagnosed at age 3.

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