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Re: [IP] rudest encounter I've ever had (long)

There are too many ones just plain ignorant.My attorney could tell you some
interesting stories about some he's met. I agree that there's not much we
can do.  It's not their job to understand.  It's not a legal requirement to
help a passed out diabetic. But just imagine their surprise and panic if
they (or God forbid, their child) is diagnosed with Diabetes.

Mike typed:
Some people are just plain ignorant and they have no understanding of
diabetes. After 30 years of being diabetic I have met my share of these
people. It doesn`t bother me the fact that they are ignorant it is when you
try to explain to them what can happen to you get that YA RIGHT look from
them on the outside the majority of diabetics look very normal but
inside it can be an entirly different story.
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