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[IP] Re: definition of "brittle"

Funny, but he didn't bug me about my diabetes the rest of the visit.:) How 
about "labile" instead of "brittle" ?
I ran across this today when looking for a resource for something else.

"Brittle diabetes is a tern referring to diabetes manifested by recurrent 
episodes of ketosis or ketoacidosis and/or severe hypoglycemia that are 
significant to endanger life or result in an inability to maintain a normal 
lifestyle. There may be multiple causes."

So, if you are trying to get your physician to write a letter of medical 
necessity to obtain an insulin pump, or an upgrade, you might consider having 
him/her use this definition in the letter, if it applies. 

Just thought I would share, considering a recent comment about "brittle 
diabetes." (Aside from my rant about it.)

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