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Re: [IP] rudest encounter I've ever had (long)

Some people are just plain ignorant and they have no understanding of
diabetes. After 30 years of being diabetic I have met my share of these
people. It doesn`t bother me the fact that they are ignorant it is when you
try to explain to them what can happen to you you get that YA RIGHT look
from them on the outside the majority of diabetics look very normal but
inside it can be an entirly different story. Along
with other complication I have autonomic neuropathy. (hope I spelled it
right) it causes me to have dizzy spells or more correct postural hypotesion
I have passed out a few times while I was still working. I was actually
accused of faking it by a co-worker and she was an RN and should have known
better. My solution is just to let it go it`s not worth the stress you cause
yourself to get worked up over these kind of people.  Ignore these kinds of
folks and enjoy the jello!
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