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Re: [IP] 508 battery life

--- Jef <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I can get a good 7-10 days after the low-battery
> alarm goes off. The only 
> thing I see happen is the clock slips a little and
> gets a bit slow. Other 
> than that, everything works fine.
> > I have used a MM 507C for four years now and will
> get my MM 508 this week. I 
> > always mark on my calendar when I change my
> batteries every four weeks.  I 
> > figure why wait to have a problem.
   Gee whiz..now I feel much better,since I'm not the
only procrastinator/tightwad(in nothing but the
positive sense of the term,I assure you) out
there!Thanks.Gotta love the 508,we can sure get our
money's worth out of the batteries!One more
question-which  is the generic brand,and which is the
MM brand?and what is the time life difference between
the two?If insurance didn't pay for the MM brand I
would definatly get the cheaper version.

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