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[IP] rudest encounter I've ever had (long)

Well, yesterday I was in the grocery store with my kids, and they were giving 
away free samples of sugar free jello.  Well, the woman offered my kids a 
sample without asking me first (which annoyed me slightly, but it was no big 
deal).  Then she started to chat with me about diets, etc.  It came out in 
the conversation that I happened to be diabetic.  She immediately cuts in and 
said something along the lines of my son dated one of those.  She was a pain 
in the neck.  I think diabetics just want attention and make up the stuff 
about feeling dizzy and needing to eat.  She went on and on about what a fake 
it was, and didn't I agree.  I was so mad that I could only see red.  I told 
my kids to put the jello down, it was time to move on.  I was afraid of what 
would come out of my mouth if I opened it.  She kept talking to me and 
shouting down the aisle after me. Are your kids okay, do you test them?  Do 
you think its a good idea to have children.  Watch out if you have a heart 
attack -- you probably have so much nerve damage you won't feel it.   It was 
unbelievable.  I was in shock.  I could not believe that THIS person was 
giving out free samples of sugar free jello.  I only stopped there because 
she called my kids over, but I can imagine a lot of people with diabetes 
might stop for a free sample.  Anyway, I stopped at the service counter on my 
way out to report her.  The manager was appalled -- her mother has diabetes.  
She didn't work for the grocery store, but as I was leaving, she was on the 
phone with the vendor filing a complaint. 
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