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Re: [IP] Software to download Minimed 508 pumps

Not having one myself, but I believe the "cable" is actually like a
"cradle" that the pump sits in, rather than something that "plugs into"
the pump.  From what I can gather, it is called a "com station".

If I'm not mistaken, there are two little infrared "ports" on the back
of the pump (where the lable is).

So, I think you would put the pump in this "cradle" thing, and it would
 communicate via infrared with the pump.

I did some searching on google for "Minimed 508" and "comstation" and
came up with a bunch of hits.

Here is a link that has a picture of a "similar" device down at the
bottom - but the link itself seems very outdated:


Hope this helps a little.

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> How would you download? I don't see any sort of cable interface on my MM508.
> Are there different versions of the 508?
> Has anyone used the "home software program" from Minimed to download the
> >508 pump?  Where did you get the cable to interface the software and the
> >pump?  The Minimed rep. said to wait 6 more months to get it because
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