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Re: [IP] 508 battery life

I remember once I couldn't find the 357 cells for my 507c, so I had been 
going on with my life for 4 or 5 days... and I called MiniMed to find 
out how much longer i had til it died and I had to scour every store in 
the state..... the lady freaked when she heard 5 days and fedex'd me a 
strip of batteries.

Now i've got a paradigm which was having terrible battery life (5-9 
days). I told them i wanted a replacement pump and they shipped it to 
me. I held off switching pumps and now my originial pump is still going 
on like 3 week old batteries. I guess it heard me talking and decided to 
prolong it's life ;-}


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>>>  had a low battery alarm last week and I was wondering myself how long
>>>would last.  I went 4 whole days without changing the batteries with no
>I can get a good 7-10 days after the low-battery alarm goes off. The only 
>thing I see happen is the clock slips a little and gets a bit slow. Other 
>than that, everything works fine.
>>I have used a MM 507C for four years now and will get my MM 508 this week. I 
>>always mark on my calendar when I change my batteries every four weeks.  I 
>>figure why wait to have a problem.
>I'm a tree-hugger at heart. I can't see just replacing batteries 'just 
>because', especially on the 507C. The batteries are really small, if 
>there's any worry, I just bring some extra with me.
>I hope you guys are recycling your batteries :)
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