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[IP] Software to download Minimed 508 pumps

Has anyone used the "home software program" from Minimed to download the
508 pump?  Where did you get the cable to interface the software and the
pump?  The Minimed rep. said to wait 6 more months to get it because
they were coming out with improved software.
We've run into several situations were it would have been extremely
helpful in being able to have the computer download the memory in the
508 rather than manually to try and correct problems or figure out where
things got off.   Once I  was trying to figure out when the basal had
been changed without Mom being aware it had been changed.  No wonder she
was having some unexplained lows. Having software would also be
extrememly helpful in finding the "forgotten" boluses and then being
able to link them with unexpained highs.  (The school nurse panics when
she is over 400 at lunch and low and behold it is 99% of the time when
she forgot to bolus for breakfast. They now check to make sure she
bolused before calling me at lunch.  We use to criteria that the school
calls Mom at lunch if she is over 250 at her lunch check.)
The next pump that she has will be downloadable at home and able to work
with her bg. meter.

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