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[IP] Gratitude for the Spirit of IP List

When I wrote to IP last week re my husband's recent diagnosis of lung cancer I
was absolutely frozen.  I had always thought that I would be the first to go
in my family because of diabetes so crudely treated before the advent of blood
glucose testing and of course the insulin pump. My sister in law died of lung
cancer two years ago.  She was a dietitian who often deplored the lack of
compliance of her diabetic patients with their prescribed (shall I add
ineffective) diets.  Smoking killed her. My brother, now with type 2 diabetes
lives on.

 The spirit of this list saved me from my frozen state.  Numerous messages
offering love, prayers, listening ears even suggestions on how to get the
tears flowing came my way.  And the tears did flow.  The love I received from
all of you gave me back my fighting spirit and I dared share further with my
new pastor on Sunday after Church.  Not only did he give both my husband and I
a hug, but he gave us the name of a local lung specialist we could use for a
second opinion  after further testing is done.  I was not forgotten.  He
pointed to the deacon who had given me communion eaarlier and said: do you
know that he is on an insulin pump and that it has changed his life?  I look
forward to meeting this fellow pumper in the near future!

My son arrived from Canada last night  and will help us both.  He had shown
some interest in my pump previously, but now wants to know all there is to
know so he can be of more help to both parents.  We as a family are  now in
fighting mode and are researching all possibilities.  We are aware that the
months ahead will bring on many new expenses possibly beyond what our medical
insurance will pay, so that too must be factored in.

The reason for this letter is to pass on something I learned many years ago
when facing other challenges: Gratitude Changes Attitude.  It is gratitude to
all who wrote to me that got me moving again. It is gratitude to Michael and
all those administrators who keep the list going that gave me back hope that I
CAN cope.  In their honor, I am sending a special monetary contribution  to IP
to help keep the list going.  First things First!!!

Thanks Friends, and keep on keeping on
Denise Guerin
Type 1 almost 49 years
Pumping 5 years
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