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[IP] Using ear lobes to test bgs

Hi! I'm a pumper who has used my earlobes to test for years (due to very
tender fingers!) after advice from an endo. My GP ordered an AC and PC along
with other blood tests the last time I saw him. I didn't have the energy to
point out that I felt it was a waste of money since I test 4 to 6 times a
day at least. I decided to use this opportunity to check the accuracy of my
results using ear lobe blood instead of finger blood as someone questioned
my results when I posted what I do. Glad to report that the results matched
up.:) On my follow-up visit to the GP he remarked that my A1C was up from
7.5 to 7.7. (He had ordered that test too 2 weeks after the endo had, but
again I was too tired to argue the point!) I told him how the canula in my
site had come out one morning, but under the tape so I didn't realize it,
and my bg had gone from 150 to over 500 in 4 hours and that it had taken me
until the next day to get them down to "normal" again. Funny, but he didn't
bug me about my diabetes the rest of the visit.:) How about "labile" instead
of "brittle" ? He bugged me about my cholesterol and blood pressure instead,
ha ha. I've asked the nurse to take my blood pressure before she weighs me
but of course she has her routine. I have been getting results of 98 over 50
in the grocery store sometimes; it was sky high in his office of course. My
cholesterol is down to 3. something for the ldh, triglycerides 1.3, (sorry I
don't know what that is in "American", but he doubled my statin drug again
even though the muscle enzymes and liver whatevers were up and I hurt all
Sorry for the long post, but writing this has pointed out to me that I have
to be less depressed and more assertive in my dealings with the doctors even
though I know they have my best interests at heart! YMMV!
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