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Re: [IP] Thyroid medication and Iron supplements

Iron decreases the absorption of synthroid(thyroid replacement).  
Synthroid should be taken alone without  any other medication.  Please 
talk to your pharmacist.  I think that your theory sounds good.   Helen

anna doemland wrote:

>Sorry if this is considered off topic...
>But, I have very low (non-existant)iron stores, so my
>GP has me taking iron supplements which I believe are
>affecting the absorption of my thyroid medication. ( I
>also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and take Synthroid)
>My clue is that my insulin requirements seem to have
>plummeted in the last couple of days and this is the
>only thing I can think of that is causing it. 
>I know thyroid medication can increase insulin
>requirements and if my thyroid medication isn't being
>absorbed, then that might explain the sudden drop in
>insulin requirements. This is just my theory, anyone
>care to weigh in?  
>Thanks in advance for your consideration..
>Anna in Seattle
>dx'd 1980, age 12  soon to be pumping with my paradigm
>taking lantus and humalog now
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