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[IP] Re: Ketone strips

Syvia wrote:

>Subject: Re: [IP] Precision extra > >RE: KT Strips.....where is anyone
finding these for the Extra? I have not >been able to find them locally
so am now looking at mail order places. >Anyone out there that has found
a good and reasonable resource for getting >the keytone strips could you
please post it. > >TIA!!! > >Sylvia >mom to Joshua who has the meter but
need KT strips!! >-

Up here in Eastern Ontario, I get the Ketone strips for my Precision Xtra
meter at the local Wal-Mart Pharmacy. I buy a box of 8 for about $18.00
Cdn every 6 months or so.
Try your Wal-Mart

 Michel J. Boucher email @ redacted I try to take it one day
at a time, but sometimes, several days attack me all at once. 


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