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[IP] erased basals WAS spit

thomas wrote:
> I put a small cardin my supply bag that is updated at every basel 
> change. I use that card toRE-ENTER my lost basel rate/s.

problem was that MNMD failed to tell me that the basal rates would be erased. 
 I have no problem resetting them...i actually know them by heart...but like 
I said...i didn't KNOW they were gone...once i figured that out, i had no 
problem (til I found out that the EO1 alarm ALSO deletes the amount of 
insulin left....i got a no dleivery alarm the next morning...meaning i had 
been without basal all night, since my night time basal is pretty 
low....usually takes 2 - 3 missed units before the pressure builds up enough 
behind the plunger to cause the NO DELIVERY alarm to go off

oh well...it was a learning experience...that which does not kill us, makes 
us stonger...or makes us wish we were dead.....hmmmmm

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