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[IP] 508 battery life

Does anyone know how long the 508's batteries will
last from the time the low battery alarm sounds?I know
it depends on what your TDD is and how much you
utilize your backlight(mine being around 30 U.and
about 5x a day)..Recently,I got the alarm,(8 AM)
planned to replace the batteries when I got off
work,forgot about it and remembered the next day-my
batteries lasted for some 32 hrs after I got the
alarm.(fortuantly!)The folks at MM wouldn't give me a
straight answer,(just "you should always change your
batteries when you get the alarm,you could lose all
your basal information",I don't think she knew.She was
definatly shocked when I told her it'd lasted 32 hrs +
still kicking,though)Anyway,this curious mind wants to
know..I don't plan to run my current set of batteries
to the ground to find out,but if anyone knows please
enlighten me on this.Thanks.

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