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[IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

I have a really tough time with breakfast too.  I'll go from 80 to 300
then back to 108 by the 4th hour.  I have done a lot of basal testing,
but could do more!  I also eat cereal with the most fiber I can find,
like 9 grams per serving (yummy, just like little twigs!)But, the only
thing that really really works is exercise.  If I go for a walk in the
evening, it will keep my breakfast post-prandials right under 140 or so. 
Or, if I exercise about 30 minutes after eating my breakfast, it curbs
that 300 peak (I have to adjust my carb:insulin ratio of course).  I
think that combining the exercise with a high fiber breakfast like hot
Oat Bran, Oatmeal, or cold cereal like bran flakes is one way of handling
this.  That's my 2 cents.Katedx T1 1986, pmpg since 6/02


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