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Re: [IP] Re: The Price of Pumps clarification -- now cost of sets in Canada

> > Liz, I used to buy my sets directly from Medigas (called Respircaire
> originally) when we lived in Ontario.  I always had them delivered by
> free of charge. Now that we live in BC, the BC government has a Pharmacare
> plan that includes infusion sets in its coverage.  You have to purchase
> through a BC pharmacy to get this coverage.  It is more work than ordering
> directly, but the reduced price is worth it!  I think they are just making
> mistake not charging me the mark-up.  However, I would think that you
> phone around to pharmacies and negotiate a price to pay.  If you agreed to
> buy your other Rxs there, perhaps they could only charge a 5% handling
> Pharmacist/owners of Shoppers really make a good income.  If you found one
> that wasn't as busy, or with a new, young owner, you might have better
> success.  Also, I found that a lot of pharmacies delivered free of
> charge--they just don't advertise this too much.  Good luck!

i've been having to do a lot of work on pharmacies the last couple weeks,
long story, and not very interesting. :)
for whatever reason, the medigas here won't deliver unless it's over $200,
and my sets are just under that.
i'm in ontario, and you've heard enough about our medical woes here. :)
i actually don't have many rx's, just the birth control pill.  i buy my
insulin over the counter to avoid the filling fee.

3 and a half hours to exam. :(
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