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RE: [IP] Re: Pre-filled Cartridges

 I'm a few days late in replying to this but I wanted to correct Kristen's
comment about which pumps offer pre-filled cartridges and about plastic
degrading insulin.
 1. One can also get pre-filled insulin cartridges for the Disetronic H-tron+
NOT JUST the D-tron+.
 2. I don't know what kinds of cartridges most folks are using/filling but I
only use glass ones and always have. Therefore IF I DID NOT get the pre-filled
ones delivered every month I would have no problem filling several of my glass
cartridges at once and storing them in the fridge and not having to worry about
the degrading insulin factor that the plastic ones evidently cause.
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00; 27 weeks pregnant:-)

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> You can set up your own "pre-fills" by filling the cartridges when you
open a
> new bottle of insulin.

Is this safe?  I thought I read that plastic would somehow degrade the
insulin if it were left in there very long.  If that is not true, I'd love
to give this a try.

By the way, in answer to the person who first asked about this, I think the
Disetronic Dtron plus is the only pump available that offers prefilled
cartridges.  If you like that perk, then the Dtron plus is the pump for you!
I tried it out when I got a trial with the Dtron plus, and it was really
very nice to use, and a DEFINITE time saver.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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