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Subject: [IP] Re: Paradigm Power Failure > I like the Paradim pump - when i

We are now on our second Paradigm, and again, have had the "surprise" 
shutdown of the pump.  The first time, we figured that our son was playing 
around when he changed his battery, causing the pump to erase everything.  
This happened at school, which meant tracking me down at work, to tell my son 
step by step how to reprogram the pump.  The second time, we knew he had not 
had the battery out more than 2 seconds, and it blanked out everything.  We 
called Minimed, they Fedex'd a replacement pump to us.  When I called them, 
the tech said, "E21, that is a cold shutdown, need to replace it 
immediately."  No other information given regarding any danger, etc., to my 
son.  The new pump came the next day, we programmed, and assumed we would 
have no other troubles.  A week ago, the replacement pump blanked out, again, 
the battery was being changed because it said "no power."  No alarms went 
off, and the battery was only a couple weeks old.  We have never had so much 
trouble with Jake's pumps before.  He doesn't use the backlight or the 
remote, so his battery lasts a long time, USUALLY.  This time, the school 
nurse had to track me down again, and I had to really think hard as we had 
just changed his basals for the track season, and I had not gotten them 
memorized.  His basals were written down at home in his book, which doesn't 
accompany him to school.  I wrote to minimed via email, asking just what was 
going on with these pumps, and wanting info regarding what this was doing to 
Jake.  I was told they had no clue what the tech referring to a "cold 
shutdown" meant.  They assured me that Jake was at no danger, but I still 
wonder, if the pump is malfunctioning, does it do it instantaneously?  Or 
does it do it over a period of time, which makes me think it would cause some 
troubles for my son.  I am frustrated, and I am not willing to go on and on 
with numerous replacement pumps and no feedback or information about what is 
going wrong.  If we have another "cold shutdown" not only will minimed hear 
from me immediately (last time was 11:45 pm), I will have to go shopping!

Judy Brooks, Mom to Jake (14) pumping since 8/2000
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