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Re: [IP] Re: The Price of Pumps clarification

> I get Claire's QuickSets from Shoppers' Drug Mart--they do not charge me
> mark-up on the price and are now costing only $145 (Cdn) per box of 10.  I
> don't know if they are making a mistake and forgetting to add their 20%
> Or whether they figure they make enough money on the strips and insulin
> other Rxs I purchase for the family!!!  I don't want to ask!  Plus I
> the Shopper's points on the purchases and generate quite a bit of free
> shopping with them.  About $75 every 6 months.

now i'm frustrated, since i'd asked the shoppers drug mart about getting in
pump supplies for me - with the hopes that it might be cheaper and easier
than buying directly from medigas (not a far drive, but the hours aren't
always convenient), as well as those points.  i think i'm going to have to
call again and push the point just a little more.

on a good note, the costco pharmacy has test strips at least $10 cheaper
than shoppers drug, which is especially good since i don't have much
insurance - mine's already long gone for test strips, fortunately the CDA
has some additional coverage for members, only 65% up to $500/year.  it

liz - ottawa, with the stupid psych exam this evening, and a rotten
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