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Re: [IP] RE: The Price of Pumps clarification

>>what hubby and I were wondering, does the HMO pay a wholesale price?
And, it seems pump prices for the public are not really listed anywhere.....

I'm not sure what constitutes a wholesale price.
Most HMO's, PPO's, POS's EPO's require that the Pump come from a 

Participating Provider.
 Participating means the vender will accept a negogiated rate as payment in
Your cost sharing (Deductable and / or Copay)comes off this negotiated rate.

The Negotiated rate is usually, but not always, a discounted Price.

The Price of my Paradigm was $5495.00
The Rate Paid by my Insurer was $4495.00

My insurer pays DME at 100% (No Out of Pocket for me).

Good Luck,
John & his high priced (But worth it) Paradigm.

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