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Re: [IP] Question for paradigm users

HI I had the same problem. I dscovered what I was doing was overloading the
reservoir by 10 or 15 units.  Since I have started only put exactly 1.8mls
into the reservoir. The reading of the level has been very accurate.    Mike
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> >>     I hope that everybody realizes that the meter count down may not be
> >> accurate. When my Paradigm screen indicates zero remaining insulin
> > are
> >> actually about 20 units left in the reservoir.
> > With every pump that I tried like that, the amount it said was left was
> > pretty much right on the money.  After experimenting like that, I  plan
> > to let it happen again, because it is easier not to end up with a
> > bolus being delivered and having to make up the difference.
> >
> > I wonder why the Paradigm isn't accurate in terms of insulin remaining?
> My Paradigm is right on the money if it says 20 units left there are 20
> units left by the numbers on the reservoir, I have never let it run out as
> don't like to cut it that close.
> --
> Kim
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