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Re: [IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

I'm with Roselea on this one. Nearly all of the glycemic index data 
were obtained on normals or type 2s.  The GI for sucrose (like in 
frosted flakes) is supposed to be only 60% of that for glucose. 
Well, i did a recent test, with the same grams of glucose and 
sucrose, 3 times for each, with no insulin bolus.  40 min after 
eating, my BG increased exactly the same regardless of what i ate. 
Try it yourself.  It's easy, and better than just believing 
everything i say ;-)
     It makes good sense that this should be, too.  Sucrose gets 
quickly broken down  in the gut into glucose and fructose, and both 
get absorbed quickly.  The liver and muscle have an enzyme that 
rapidly converts fructose to glucose.
    So while GI might be useful for normals, we type 1s can't rely 
much on the GI tables to help our bolusing.

>See Rick Mendosa's web site on Glycemic Index (links page of the IP
>email @ redacted

<<<<<<<I have to disagree with this one that eating a "junk food" cereal will
solve the problem.  I have worse times when eating a sugar coated "junk
food" cereal, like frosted flakes, than I do with eating something like
cheerios or shredded wheat.  My bg jumps up very high with the sugar coated
cereal even when I bolus correctly for it.  I think that this is definitely
a YMMV issue.
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