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[IP] RE: diabetes temporary?


There are other conditions which can have with the same symptoms as 
diabetes.  A coworker of mine recently told me how her baby had, over 
the course of weeks, become increasingly listless and cranky, wouldn't 
eat, but drank like a fish (with the ballooning diapers to go with it), 
and seemed to be breathing more heavily than usual.  Sure sounded like 
our daughter as she was going into DKA !  I took the coworker to my 
day-care, picked up my daughter's meter, went to her day-care to check 
her son's blood and it was 94.  Over the course of the next week, she 
saw four doctors and her son's sugar was at times up in the 200's 
(maybe even 300's?), and at times there were moderate ketones in his 
urine, and on two occasions when he had the high blood glucose, the 
doctor gave him insulin, it not only brought down his blood sugar and 
ketones but also brought back his appetite,  and at the same time he 
perked up, became cheerful, and quit drinking like a fish.  Again, sure 
sounded like diabetes to me!

HOWEVER, for reasons that are not clear to me (I'm not a doctor and I 
didn't do the workup), three of the docs put their heads together and 
decided that what this child had was hypothyroidism - he wasn't making 
enough thyroid hormone, and this was mimicking the symptoms of 
diabetes.   The baby has been on Synthroid (artificial thyroid hormone) 
for two weeks now, and all of his diabetes-like symptoms have 
disappeared.   So - in this case, the "diabetes" was temporary, but it 
wasn't really diabetes to start with.  (We hope.)

Now, on the other hand, it may just be that your neighbor really is 
diabetic and has misunderstood her diagnosis, or that she is just 
hoping the doctors are wrong.  A LOT of people (not doctors) have told 
me that maybe my daughter will grow out of her diabetes, and a LOT more 
are quite shocked when I tell them that no, she will need to wear her 
insulin pump her whole life (until they come up with something better). 
  So there are a lot of people who think that diabetes can be temporary. 
  In the case of type 2's with mild diabetes, if they are able to 
control it with diet and exercise this may seem like a cure, which may 
be where the idea comes from.  And, as someone had mentioned, pregnant 
women can be temporarily diabetic.   But most of us are in this for the 
long haul.

- Maria
mom to Sigrid, dx'd @ 11 mos., pumping @ 17 mos. (now 18 mos.)

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 09:39:21 -0400
From: "Carole Jackson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Diabetes Temporary???

I may have kind of a strange question here, my neighbour is 12 years 
old , she
has CF and two years ago she had a successful double lung transplant, 
about 3
weeks ago she ended up in the hospital diaganosed with diabetes, she is 
on 4
shots a day, her pancreas is definately not working at all. Anyway 
because I
am on a pump I had mentioned this to her, she said that the diabetes 
may be
temporary, I don't understand that. Is it possible her pancreas could 
working again??? I don't want to discourage her but there is a better 
way then
taking needles for the rest of your life . Her blood sugar is usually 
20 which
is around 360 she said that is normal for her .but without getting that 
she could be in for a lot of problems. Is it possible for her diabetes 
to be
only temperary???
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