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Re: [IP] pump to last

Pumps last 4-6 years. Warranties generally last four years. Insurance
companies tend to be OK to replace them after the warranty has run out and
there has to be something mechanically wrong with the pump. My 507 C had
sticky buttons-but worked if I persisted. My 507C seemed like a "tough old
bird" that didn't give me too much grief. Most grief was site and tubing
related. Minimed has some upgrade options when a new pump is coming out but
the purchase date has to be within a set time for upgrade. I just purchased
my Paradigm 3/31 and began using it for real last week. I seen here on the
IP that some pumpers get a replacement pump if something goes wrong. I hope
that helps. Sharon B
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> would like to know how long should i expect my pump to last. what is the
> average.  i have the paradigm.  how often will the insurance replace it.
> thanks.............
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