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# Re: [IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

Teresa: The subject of unexpected post prandial (based on carb count) 
high's in the morning has been the subject of a number of email 
discourses.  There seems to be a uneasy consensus that this is related 
to "dawn phenomenon"  which may be a hormone thing.  To check follow 
your bg's throughout the morning w/o any breakfast.  I any case I 
experience the same thing you describe but have noted that certain carbs 
are really potent at kicking up the bg.  Cereals and bagels, for 
instance.  I found that a single piece of toast with eggs or cheese in 
the morning seems to work the best (although not consistently).
I did not understand Michael's reply.  Sugared cereals are not sweetened 
with complex carbs but with simple sucrose and could certainly not help 
the situation.
- Patrick [Teresa - 57 yrs old 30 yrs Type I, pumping for 8 months (hey, 
just like you Teresa :-) ].
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