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Re: [IP] Ultra Smart not worth it

At 6:39 PM -0400 4/26/03, Jocelyn Robinson wrote:
>One of the features I was really looking forward to on this meter was
>the back light.  I figured it meant it would make it much easier to test
>my son's blood in his room at night, in the movie theatre and other
>times when it is dark.  Well, you can read the display fine, but you
>can't see the test strip in order to apply the blood sample.  We have
>the meter, and will keep it, but I am a little disappointed.  My son
>uses the meter like the Ultra, he does not enter any additional
>information, so all it's wonderful features really go to waste.  Oh
>well, live and learn - and share what you learn.

If you are able to read the display fine then the backlight DOES 
work.  If you need a light to see to apply a sample, then you need a 
flashlight, not a "back-light".  For a "small" (size of a quarter) 
flashlight for $10-38, go to:


or get one of the U/V or Purple light ones which fluoresce blood in the dark


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