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Re: [IP] Diabetes Temporary???

> I may have kind of a strange question here, my neighbour is 12 years old ,
> has CF and two years ago she had a successful double lung transplant,
about 3
> weeks ago she ended up in the hospital diaganosed with diabetes,

Hi Carole,

I don't know a lot about what would cause temporary diabetes in your friend,
or if this is what her doctors have said.  But, not knowing what I was
talking about never stopped me! :))

There is a form of diabetes known as Gestational Diabetes that affects
pregnant women.  Often times this will disappear after delivering the baby.

On the other hand, her body's immune system may be fighting her transplant
and throwing it to her pancreases.

In either case, your best bet is to be non-committal and yet supportive.

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