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Re: [IP] Diabetes Temporary???

 her pancreas is definately not working at all. Anyway because I
> am on a pump I had mentioned this to her, she said that the diabetes may be
> temporary, I don't understand that. Is it possible her pancreas could start
 > working again??? I don't want to discourage her but there is a better way
 > taking needles for the rest of your life . Her blood sugar is usually 20
> is around 360 she said that is normal for her .but without getting that down
> she could be in for a lot of problems. Is it possible for her diabetes to be
> only temperary???
This is what I thought when I was first dxd in 1983, I had a very hard time
accepting the fact that I could really be diabetic for the rest of my life.
It took me five years to accept the fact that I needed to take care of
myself but the D is still a factor in my life today 20 years later.  I have
never heard of it being temporary I don't know how you can tell her that
this is here to stay, but I would think that it is very much here to stay.
Of course this is only my opinion YMMV.
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