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Re: [IP] Question for paradigm users

 My Paradigm alarms at- 30, 20 and 10 - I think you can turn off the 30. I just
push esc, act and thats it for another 10 units. You need to push the esc THEN
act and that should do it - you can phone MM and ask maybe you somehow have set
it to that setting??(havn't heard of that though)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> At 20 units
> left in the reservoir, I had a low reservoir alarm. I 
> answered/acknowledgedthe alarm by pushing act, etc. The pump 
> continued to give occasional single
> beeps for an hour or so before I changed it. 

> that mean that the "beeps" will continue until the pump gets down 
> to 10? And
> did I acknowledge the alarms correctly by pushing ACT and seeing 
> what it was,
> then pushed ESC to go back to the home screen?
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