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Re: [IP] new pumper

 hi! I started on the paradigm four days ago, my first site change was scary,
since there was a little blood after I took the infusion set out..but that was
it...my trainer told me to try different sites if I see blood...and avoid using
the site where there was blood

On Sun, 27 Apr 2003 07:06:23  
 April Choulis wrote:
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 > I just started on the Paradigm pump about 1 week ago. Yesterday I had to
>my site twice because blood became visible at the site. Is this normal? When I
>pulled the set out the whole catheter part was filled with blood and the site
>was very sore. Can anybody tell me what could cause this to happen or if there
>are ways to prevent it? I have read about the catheter "crimping" but it was
>still perfectly staright when I pulled it out. Any suggestions or comments?
>April (21 years old)dx 10-92pumping since 4-21-03
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