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[IP] Question for paradigm users

I have been on the paradigm for 5 days now (I have prior experience- 4 yrs 3
months on the 507C) and had my first reservoir change yesterday. At 20 units
left in the reservoir, I had a low reservoir alarm. I answered/acknowledged
the alarm by pushing act, etc. The pump continued to give occasional single
beeps for an hour or so before I changed it. 20 units will last me another
half a day and I didn't feel like changing it just then - but I felt I was
being called to do so.
I read in the manual that alarms will go off at 20 units and at 10 units; Does
that mean that the "beeps" will continue until the pump gets down to 10? And
did I acknowledge the alarms correctly by pushing ACT and seeing what it was,
then pushed ESC to go back to the home screen?
My first reservoir change went by pretty slick with no problems, unlike my
screw up that I did during training with my Diabetes Educator-I did learn from
my screw up I made! Such is Life! happy pumping Sharon B and Gumby, Jr.
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