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[IP] Re: Ultra Smart not worth it

I was disappointed about no back-light as well but I really do like the 
meter.  Except for the back-light, it has the features that I liked about the 
Accucheck complete - it will store BG readings by time of day (ie before 
breakfast) and being able to put comments in such as as stress or vacation.  I 
also like the variety of reports and that I can put in my exercise info. When 
I'm busy, it's hard to put all the details I would like but at least I have 
that option.

I got a free Medisense meter at an ADA conference last year.  It would be 
great for testing in the dark because it has the back-light, glows in the dark 
and has a little light that shines where the strip is inserted.  I don't like 
that it has individually wrapped strips because that takes longer and that it 
takes 20 seconds which seems like a long time when you are used to 5.  When I 
test at night, I go to the BR anyway so don't really need to test in the 
dark.  I gave it to my daughter when she was diagnosed because I though it 
would be great for testing at night in the dorm but I don't think she has used 
it.  It would also be great for camping.

Type 1 29+ years, pumping almost 4
and daughter Melinda, age 19, Type 1 -  1/2 year, MDI (still on the honeymoon)
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