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[IP] Re: High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

Lee - I use 1 unit of Novalog for 15 carbs but have found within the last year 
that I need to use 1 unit for each 10 carbs at breakfast.  I eat regular 
oatmeal with unsweetened applesause for a total of about 30 carbs and I need 
to take 3 units to cover it.  If I don't eat breakfast, my BG stays pretty 
stable so I don't think it is my basal rate during that time.

Of course lately it has been high most of the time (> 200) which is partly due 
to stress and traveling but I'm beginning to think there is something wrong 
with the vial of insulin that I have so will try a new one today and hope for 
better results as I'm getting very frustrated plus tired with constant high BG.

Type 1 29+ years, pumping almost 4 years 

>I'm having a problem and need help figuring this out.
>I have a multi-grain cereal & soy milk for breakfast and
>my bg is mostly between 80-100 at that time.
>One hour later it's close to 300 bg.
>Two hours later it's still up there.
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