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Re: [IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

At 12:47 AM 4/27/03, you wrote:
>That sort of reaction is usually from a high glycemic meal. The
>multi-grain cereal is probably made from highly refined grains that
>digest quickly. Two suggestions -- 1) change cereals to one with
>"whole" grain content, or eat a "junk food" cereal that has complex
>sweeteners added (i.e. frosted flakes, etc...). These sugars take a
>while to digest and smooth out the glucose peak. 2) add a complex
>sweetner to the cereal (i.e. honey, etc...). or.... eat some other
>items to average out the glucose release. i.e. fruit, fat (butter on
>See Rick Mendosa's web site on Glycemic Index (links page of the IP
>email @ redacted

I have to disagree with this one that eating a "junk food" cereal will 
solve the problem.  I have worse times when eating a sugar coated "junk 
food" cereal, like frosted flakes, than I do with eating something like 
cheerios or shredded wheat.  My bg jumps up very high with the sugar coated 
cereal even when I bolus correctly for it.  I think that this is definitely 
a YMMV issue.

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